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Our project offers modern “Mouneh” in an innovative by introducing new flavors to the usual types (Peanut Ariche, Mango Ariche, thyme with pomegranate molasses …) in addition to preserving the traditional methods in manufacturing certain types, in order to satisfy the largest number of consumers. Our products are homemade and can be stored without artificial preservatives, which distinguishes them from the other products on the market and keeps them out of competition due to their quality, manufacturing method and innovative types.

Moreover, and based on the concept of social entrepreneurship, our social mission is also considered as a competitive advantage because our goal is to stimulate the development of the production of the traditional food industry by emphasizing its values and health benefits and the importance of supporting that type of business which leads to creating job opportunities in Tripoli for women and support micro and small enterprises.

– food safety
– jams making
– dairy products
– food recycle

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Meet Claude and his mother, creation modern MOUNEH to satisfy all generations !
Anthony Rahayel

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